Aspiration and Biopsy – or this sucks (Thanks Denise!)

If in cultural references the port installation tomorrow is the equivalent of a Star Trek universe, then the bone marrow biopsy next Tuesday is akin to the Princess Bride’s Pit of Despair… minus the albino with the frog in his throat.

To get the core sample of the marrow, the procedure is much like tapping a thin apple corer through the hipbone. Of course, if like Rich you have hard bones, then they bring out the hammer to tap it in. Once in, they then suck out some marrow and a nice chunk of core.The amazing part is, someone, somewhere thought this procedure was state of the art in the Neolithic period… really… it’s been around that long. The only thing that has improved is the diagnostic equipment for cell analysis and the drugs that make you lie there compliantly letting someone do this to you once you know what it’s like. Oh… that and now they have plastic handles.

This time around they’re going to be using what they call conscious sedation. It means Rich will be awake but with no memory of the procedure and will feel no pain. Why this wasn’t offered before is beyond our comprehension but we’re glad that it’s available now. No one should have to lie on a table wide awake with nothing more than a quick jab of Novocain while someone hammers a corkscrew into your hip. But maybe I’m biased. I could be wrong.

As far as we know, this will be the last of the pre-chemo tests and will help the doctors finalize the details of the treatment plan based on their results. There are still some consults and orientations to be done and we should have those all done by the end of next week if we’re lucky. Though no one looks forward to chemo, there is something to be said for some active battling as opposed to wargame testing with nuclear stealth devices that seem to be scheduled off the cuff.

A plan, a routine and the backing of all you cheerleaders (yes Katherine!) sending light and love and positive energy our way… with that, we know we can do this!

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