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In 2003, Rich was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, received six cycles of R-CHOP in 2004 and spent the next five years getting through neuropathy and various infections and setbacks as a result of his chemo.  Just a few months short of ten years later, in 2014, we were getting ready to celebrate a decade of remission.

Instead, we found ourselves creating a Carepages site to communicate with family and friends as Rich’s health began trending in a direction we hadn’t planned. With a feeling of déjà vu, we began to post about our path to wellness and finding answers to our own questions about recurring NHL, treatments and the stem cell transplant process.

This is our Carepages site, moved now to a new home. In a recent article, Jeff Goldblum discusses his life and quotes an acting teacher of his as saying “Use what exists.” To exist is to be present, have reality, be alive. Our goal: to use that reality to our best possible ability.

In moving, we’ve gained a few things and lost, sadly, a few as well. We look forward to a more open and interactive experience. At the same time, we’ll miss the comments that followed the posts on Carepages. They gave us strength when we needed it most and kept us connected at a time when we were necessarily isolated.

For those who are new to our journey, we invite you to begin at the beginning. For all, we hope you’ll choose to follow us and lend your thoughts and questions to our pages.

We’re still on our path to health, learning as we go and sharing and exploring our options. It has been interesting, as we transitioned here uploading the posts and, in doing so, see how, what began as a simple means of sharing our progress, gave voice to our experiences; more in-depth than we could have anticipated. And how our voice changed fairly quickly!

As always, we are forever grateful to those who have shared this road with us.

Welcome to our new home.

Rich and Marie DeTommaso




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