Chemo cells…Be warned…. Resistance is Futile!

57999_20140529_091416_displayGot the word that Wednesday Rich has his port installed. To us it’s just so reminiscent of a Borg cybernetic implant. And how odd think of a medical procedure as an installation! The port is a device that’s put under his skin, generally just lower than the collarbone. What you can see when it’s all healed is just a flattish disc shaped bump below the skin which is the portal… that’s where needles can be inserted to draw blood for tests or to administer meds and chemo. From this port, a connected catheter is inserted into a vein, usually the jugular. All of this allows the chemo to spread quickly and efficiently with less discomfort. There is less likelihood of problems with the veins as you would have with a regular IV and it leaves Rich with his hands free during infusions which can last up to 6 hours.

This makes eating, reading, playing Scrabble and holding hands so much easier! Expecting some transitional discomfort but ultimately it should be assimilated like any good Borg prosthetic. Rich can then be referred to, in true Borg fashion as One of Nine.

But first, we’ve got other business to take care of… Tuesday we head over the Nuclear Medicine division of the Monter Cancer Center so they can examine Rich’s generous heart with the MUGA scan. The powers that be want to ensure that it can stand the rigors of chemo. Once again, we entrust Rich’s health to folks who are just so hell-bent on filling him with radioactive goop. This time the infused radiated voodoo will travel through his blood so we get to watch his heart beat on a small screen while they examine the valves and the strength of the pulses. Bring on the biohazard boxes… we’re ready!

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