Pagers, Ports and Prayers

Today I was handed a pager, not unlike the ones you get in a restaurant while you wait for your table. This was so that I could wander the hospital while Rich was undergoing his procedure. It was very freeing to be able to move about and know that they would alert me to when he was done and/or if the doctor needed to speak to me. But I gotta say, when that little bugger goes off, it does make your heart pound!

Then you rush through the maze of corridors, never remembering… do I make a left or a right here, was this the hallway for last week, was that elevator there before, and who are all these people walking so slowly….all the while this pager keeps beeping, blinking and vibrating. What a wacky kind of parlor game this is!

Rich is now officially a Borg… One in Nine has had his pretty purple plastic port planted (say that five times fast!) and amazingly, it can be used immediately. The stitches will absorb on their own and after a couple of days with what they say is a minor discomfort, he should be used to his new cybernetic self.

One more prep down, one more to go

We can’t thank everyone enough for their help and support. Particularly in getting us from point A to point B and back again. Since I don’t drive, this has always been the issue when Rich has been unable to get behind the wheel. The outpouring of volunteers has been very heartening and we appreciate your willingness more than you will ever know. Our thanks to Pete Meade for today’s foray into the wild snow and ice of Long Island in April!

Lastly, to all our friends and family, we hope you take the time to enjoy this holiday of renewal with those you hold dear. We’re blessed that we’re able to journey up to Rochester to see Richard, Noelle, Emily, Andy, Jacob and Mark and to spend a glorious weekend with

them. We’ll have you all in our hearts and in OUR prayers and will celebrate the many joys in our lives. We hope you do too.

Kristos Anesti

Happy Easter

Joyous Pesach

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