Viva La Vie Boheme

Wh15482_20140410_115410_1__displayat an amazing resource the internet forums are for finding info on what’s worked for others who have gone through this before us! Acupuncture was one such nugget of wisdom that worked. And, as we’ve read and can confirm, Rich finds that sleeping in the recliner affords him less overnight discomfort and so a better sleep. Now the boys’ old bedroom has a recliner for him a daybed for her so we’ve been having what feels like sleepover parties… Complete with snacks and movies.

Again, and as always, we thank you for all your messages of love, faith and caring. They lift us up and do indeed give us strength. We have no idea how to reply to any of the private messages, but we’ve read and appreciated all your words of encouragement. We’ve tried our hand at a few pity parties, and other than the delicious ice cream festivals they become, we… well, truth be told… we really kind of suck at it.

Instead we’ve just taken a time or two to process our new reality. That was the main task on Friday as well as getting a few things checked off of our lists; EKG and blood work done and done and passed with flying colors… MUGA scan set up for Tuesday… prescriptions and supplements gotten as the doctor directs. Wish we had a few more items on our prep list scheduled, but hopefully we’ll get those calls on Monday. Sometimes the bureaucratic and insurance wheels turn slowly.


The end of the 94206_tsoureki_displaywork week means that there are no appointment calls to make, no forms to fill out. This weekend is a time to get back to our life and with Easter coming next week, it can mean only one thing in our house… the smell of baking Tsoureki. Rich has been busy with his holiday tradition of baking loaf upon loaf of this Greek bread. There is something comforting about participating in the continuity of traditions that have gone on for centuries, and never more so than when life seems otherwise interrupted. Rich may be exhausted by the end of today, but it’s a productive exhaustion and that… that makes all the difference. Now we just need to refrain from the temptation of eating it all before next week! Kyrie Eleison!

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