Patience and Fortitude

Each year with the scouts, we take a ten mile hike through Manhattan… winding our way from outside of Central Park down and around to Chinatown. We head back to Penn Station from the subway stop at Ground Zero. Today is September 11th. And so we remember.

Always we make our way to the NY Public Library. There sit two stalwart guardians, the library lions, Patience and Fortitude. Two good qualities to remember today.


We thought we’d be waking up in our own home this morning. Wistfully, I sit in the recliner that doubles as my bed at night. The soft beeps of hospital equipment mark the change of nursing shifts. Home. Not yet. But soon.

We can’t help but be grateful that Rich’s temperature has come down.


Although still febrile, the four degree drop is welcome. Our going-home clock is still on hold. If his fever were to break right now, we could be home on Saturday. The odds of that are slim. Our nurse tells us that a temperature of 105 does not remediate as quickly as it came. This will take time. Not yet. But soon.

Rich feels stomach pain where the ulceration had been at the beginning of our journey. We wonder if this has any bearing on the current situation.

A question to ask the doctors on rounds today.

We also wait for the cultures to come back… Not yet. But soon.

Will there be an answer or is this just one of those fevers that come with the process?

Today is a day full of questions.

Perhaps it will be one of answers as well.

If not yet, then soon!

Patience and Fortitude. Our companions today.

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