Fire and Ice

This morning’s slight fever lay dormant throughout the day. I sat and worked while he rested. The temperature changed the plans for tomorrow’s discharge. A patient must be forty-eight hours without a temperature in order to go home. If all goes well, Thursday is the new day of departure.

The doctor decides that his triple lumen catheter needs to be removed. It might be the cause of the fever. They replaced it a few days ago and his skin has been irritated since. They access his power port and remove the incredibly long catheter. He’s resting comfortably.

I left the hospital to get the house prepped for the cleaning crew who will disinfect it from top to bottom. After a few hours at home, I return to the hospital.

In Rich’s room I find Fire and Ice.

Ice and Fire.

Rich has a temperature of 105.

He shivers with cold.

They have him lying on a cooling bed to help bring the temperature down.

His skin is bright red.

He’s on fire.

Cold compresses.


The saline to hydrate him drips.

We wait.

And I watch.

There is nothing else to do but wait and watch and pray.

This will be a long night.

The roller coaster of this journey continues.

I’m grateful we are here, now, with the support of the nurses and doctors at hand.

This will be a long night.

A very long night.

Fire and Ice

If this were a weather pattern, there would be a helluva storm brewing.

The electronic ice blanket control panel. Trying to get Rich’s temperature down

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