A Scout is Helpful

Or “Seek and ye shall find” Within minutes, our scouting family inundated us with names of acupuncturists and we’re so happy to say that the results were everything we could have wished for. Went to the local guy in town and within 30 minutes, Rich’s pain and bloating were gone. What a relief to see that scowl of discomfort a thing of the past! We’ll continue to go three times a week to keep it all at bay and to work on the other symptoms that are more nuisance than anything else. So many many thanks to all of you from our little community within the “Eye of the Hurricane” who were so quick to respond! Our friendships are priceless. . . . So it took a day and a half for the pain to come back but Rich only needed half the pain med strength as before. Another session with the acupuncturist and the pain is once more gone. The effects should last longer with each session. Impressed with the changes this modality has brought. . . Tomorrow we meet with the next specialist for the next step. Hope we can move forward quickly!

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