So glad to be able to get back to one of our favorite cabin camping spots with the scouts. Good food, song, stories, games and in the beautiful hills and woods of Westchester. Always a great place to relax by the wood-burning stove while a team of boys cooks and entertain. Tiring but in many ways invigorating as well. Thanks to the boys for a wonderful weekend!

Now we gear up for another consult before the next biopsy to determine the course of treatment. At this point, all signs are leading everyone to believe that it’s a lymphoma again. If one could say that a cancer is a preferable type, this would be the one to want. Hoping to have some answers within the next couple of weeks. If anyone knows of a good acupuncturist, please let us know. Looking for some alternate methods of pain management and acupuncture is highly recommended in a lot of forums.

Edit: Thanks to all who private messaged us info on acupuncturists. Fingers crossed we can get pain relief results that others report for these circumstances.85803_DSC06057_display

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