The Waiting is the Worst


We’ll soon be coming up on one week since the biopsy that will let us know the direction Rich’s treatment will take. The doctors are sure it’s a malignancy but not what type or stage. Waiting…and not knowing…it’s always the worst.

Later Edit: We realized that for some folks, this is kind of coming in to the middle (or early middle) of our story. Rich was treated for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2003-2004. As far as we knew, he was coming up on 10 years of remission. And we were looking forward to celebrating that anniversary in April 2014. We also had (have) so many wonderful family moments to celebrate this Spring… in May Nick graduates from Cooper Union, in June is Richard and Noelle’s wedding but first was our daughter giving birth for the second time at the end of January. When we came back from Rochester after welcoming into the world Mark (our Bean) and spending a wonderful week with Jake (our Boober), Rich said that he was always waking up feeling tired and was going to see the doctor. That first visit to our PCP was on February 25th and we’ve been on a remarkable roller coaster ride ever since! The blood work showed a severely low iron count which generally indicates internal bleeding. Thank heavens the doctor also took Rich’s medical history into account and sent us to a gastroenterology/colorectal group who set up first a CT scan on March 4th and then an endoscopy/colonoscopy on March 12th. Both showed lymphatic activity where there should be none and a very suspicious mass in his stomach that we likened to the singing/dancing alien in Spaceballs. From then on, it’s been a strange and yet familiar journey of hurry up and wait!

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