By the Numbers



Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “Not everything that counts can be counted. Not everything that can be counted counts.”

True enough Al, true enough. But sometimes playing the numbers game can be an interesting exercise. And, while we wait for the new season of Walking Dead to start, why not tally up some of the experiences to date and see where our scorecard stands.

Current day post-transplant= 46

Current day since first doctor appointment=229

Lowest white blood count=0.01k/uL

Current white blood count=5.5k/uL

Current red blood count=3.45m/uL

Number of medications to date=71

Number of units of red blood transfused=15

Number of Neulasta/Neupagen injections=23

Number of platelet transfusions=5

Number of litres of blood processed for harvesting over two days=12

Number of litres of blood in the human body=5

Number of grams of stem cells harvested over two days=8

Number of blood tests=58

Number of chemo cycles=6

Number of days to engraft=8

Number of days in the hospital for transplant=28

Weight swing=34lbs

Highest temp=105.3

Number of Acupuncture sessions=32

Number of ports installed = 2

Number of ports removed =1

Number of heart function tests=12

Number of months to be on “anti” meds=6

Height of medical file at Monter=4 inches

Number of medical business cards received=30

Claims submitted to insurance since February=$1.2million

Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything=42

But as someone once said, “life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Yep, priceless.

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