“Unless you leave room for Serendipity…. How can the Divine enter?” ~ Joseph Campbell

51Nv+hpsOuL._SX309_BO1,204,203,200_Our daughter Emily had a series of books growing up called “Serendipity.” I’m sure the reason she wanted them in the first place was because the sea serpent on the cover was pink. As we enter our unknown territory where there be dragons, I remember the sea serpent Serendipity who was the guardian of the oceans in these books. Serendipity is also one of my favorite words which is probably what caught my eye in my early bookstore days. It was coined by Horace Walpole… when writing to a friend in 1754, Walpole explained an unexpected discovery he had just made by reference to a Persian fairy tale, “The Three Princes of Serendip”. These princes, he explained, were “always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of…now do you understand Serendipity?” It’s defined as a “fortunate happenstance.” Apparently in our uncharted waters, this pink sea serpent of fortunate happenstances was at work today.

The morning began with a lot of scheduling conflicts and uncertainty. Our transportation needs for the afternoon and the coming days were in flux… everyone seemed to be out of town or otherwise busy. Rich’s blood counts were up in the air… we didn’t know if chemo would move forward or not today. We had the inspector coming to check the newly installed upgraded electrical panel by 10am. Nick had to get back home…would we get the blood work results in time if we had chemo? He and Raven can’t leave til we know. And Monday we have the contractor coming in to replace the old windows in our current bedroom with new vinyl ones which will be easier to sterilize post-transplant… we don’t want to have to reschedule infusions for Monday WE HAVE PLANS! OY!

Raven, Nick, Rich and I waited at the Monter Center for Rich’s blood counts to come back. When they were done at the beginning of the week, they had really bottomed out. My phone rang first… the oncology nurse gave me the news that we had to reschedule for Monday. Chemo today, tomorrow and Saturday was canceled. My mind started racing but as I was talking, Rich’s phone rang… it was the window contractor… he wanted to do the install tomorrow… they had a conflict come up with Monday!

So off we went to make chemo appointments for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The infusion nurse caught up with us at the reception desk… He wanted us to know…Rich’s counts were all good but the platelets. No need for a transfusion and they would recover by Monday. Excellent!

Just as Raven drove away from dropping us off at home, the electrical inspector drove up… System checked and approved and one more concern gone.

Long Island Railroad going on strike? I’ll be working remotely during the chemo sessions at Monter and at NSH next week. And with luck, transportation for everything will work itself out.

And best of all, we now have a weekend ahead of us with nothing to do but to enjoy the time together and plan for the future. An amazing series of fortunate happenstances indeed. Divine, c’mon in, we’ve got room.

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