Does he glow in the dark?

35886_20140415_101135_displayOnly time will tell! PET scan today…. this will tell us if the cancer is elsewhere in Rich’s body and help the oncologist determine the plan of action. Meeting with him on Thursday to go over these results and the results of last week’s biopsy.

Rich had to refrain for eating carbs from 1pm yesterday until the end of the test. Cancer eats up more sugar than other tissues in the body and the isotope is in a sugar base. So they need a clean starting point. Interesting part of the test is when they take you into a lead lined room. Phones don’t work and there’s no wifi signal. Thankfully, there is a TV to keep you company. Then they come in with a little lead box with biohazard markings all over it. This holds the radioactive isotope that they inject into Rich’s port. There were about three vials of voodoo that they used. It takes a lot of trust to allow people to not only shoot biohazards into your arm, but then hand you a large berry drink that’s also got some voodoo in it.They tell you to drink it. And you do.

Then comes more waiting. It takes an hour for the goo to travel around your system. After the required amount of time, you get to leave the lead lined room and they take you to a bed for a ride through a mechanical donut. Half an hour later and you’re free to go finally eat a decent meal.

We’ll be picking up the CD of the slides, it will be interesting to see what they look like.

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