The second biopsy is now behind us and doctors all seem to agree on the lymphoma diagnosis. Pathology reports may be in in a week to confirm… fingers crossed. This biopsy mapped out the size, location and most importantly, the depth of the tumor using endoscopy and also ultrasound… so instead of a two dimensional image, they get 3D (without the glasses). That will enable the doctors to stage the cancer and plan the mode of attack because they will now know how deep the tumor has gone into the stomach lining. Rich did well even tho’ it all took twice as long as anticipated. He followed up with acupuncture later in the evening and they added “seeds” to his right ear. They are similar to the motion sickness patches in that they are located on the pressure points that affect the stomach. He’s supposed to rub them before and after a meal as well as whenever his stomach is bothering him.

We’ll let you know how this modality works!

So grateful to friends and family! Thanks to Pete for hefting our furniture delivery into the house Thanks to Peggy for a short but sweet visit Thanks to Maria and Danny for getting us to/from the second biopsy Thanks to Arlene for getting the slides to the doctor and Rich to acupuncture (and me around the track for some much needed exercise!) Thanks to LaValle for all the pictures of little Bean which brighten our days and make us smile Thanks to Amy for making me laugh out loud every night – The Dalai Lama would be proud Thanks to our kids for checking in regularly and sending their love Thanks to all of your for caring and stopping by! Can’t wait to see everyone on Saturday… truly a time to celebrate with the people we love for a wonderful event.

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